PCSpecialist Team Up With Milltek To Offer Configurable Racing Simulator Systems

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15.07.2018 22:07:22

Ever fancied a fully-fledged racing simulator in your home or business, but didn't quite know where to start? Well you're in luck, as PCSpecialist have teamed up with Milltek Sport to offer a wide range of configurable systems complete with metal frame and all the peripherals you'll need for your dream gaming experience.

The new product line is inspired by PCSpecialist's partnership with PowerMaxed Racing, a team competing in the British Touring Car Championship. Milltek are a design and manufacturing firm active in motorsport, and their technical expertise forged the professional-grade racing frame used in the Racing Simulator range. This frame has been designed, developed and finished in the UK, so it's a true home-grown solution.

Two variants of the Racing Simulator frame are available to choose from: one supporting a single monitor, and another on which can be mounted a multi-monitor configuration. The former could be ideal with the latest range of high refresh rate ultra-widescreen displays now available, while the latter would offer an even wider field of view by utilising three standard resolution monitors. Either way, the results should be immersive indeed.

Bolted to the racing frame is one of three seat options designed by Cobra Motorsport, mimicking those used in real-world racing. Premium wheel, gearing and pedal peripherals are supplied by Fanatec as standard, while a tactile transducer (bass shaker) by Dayton Audio is also optionally available as part of the complete package. For PCSpecialist, it was imperative that all components be designed for the ultimate racing enthusiast, cutting no corners in quality and providing the best 1-to-1 virtual simulation.

Of course, the frame and peripherals are just one half of the fully realised concept. The other critical aspect is the PC system to go with it, and of course that's all down to PCSpecialist. This first generation is based on the Intel Z370 platform, but is almost infinitely configurable within that. Discrete GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA can be optionally added, as well as high-speed M.2 storage, more memory, and even an LED lighting package.

Systems start from 3,288 inc. V.A.T. and arrive with three a 3-year warranty (1yr parts, 3yr labour). Standard build time is 8-10 working days, but can be fast-tracked to as little as three days if necessary. For more information visit PC Specialist's Racing Simulator configurator page.

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