Phanteks AMP 1000W White Edition PSU Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅13.05.2022 17:29:43
Press Release

Phanteks expands its AMP family of power supply units and presents the new Phanteks AMP 1000W White 80PLUS Gold rated, fully modular PSU built in collaboration with Seasonic. The Phanteks AMP 1000W White is compatible with the Revolt Pro link system that allows users to connect another compatible PSU to provide increased power output or redundancy to protect the system from data loss caused by power failure.

The Phanteks AMP 1000W White comes with white cables with white headers but the connectors on the PSU are in black. The AMP 1000W White features a temperature-controlled Fan-less Hybrid mode that is unlike most PSUs that uses load-based fan modes. However, just like the NZXT C1000 Gold also released this month, the Phanteks AMP 1000W lacks PCIe 5.0 16-pin connectors for the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards but does have plenty of five 8-pin PCIe power connectors to power the card.

Powerful yet efficient

Built in collaboration with Seasonic, the Phanteks AMP 1000W is a powerful yet efficient PSU created with premium components and innovative design. Featuring a copper plate connecting the back panel and PCB and gold-plated terminals, the AMP 1000W White has achieved an 80 Plus Gold certified status and delivers 92% efficiency at half loads. With 1000W power delivery, the AMP 1000W White can power a variety of components with ease and is able to support a wide range of GPUs thanks to multiple 6- and 8- pin outputs. The AMP 1000w White also includes a 24-pin, two 4+4 pin, four 6+2-pin, multiple SATA, and 4-pin Molex outputs to cater to a variety of components.

Peaceful Performance

As well as being a robust supply of power, noise levels have been carefully considered in the design of the Phanteks AMP 1000W White. Opting to feature a 120mm fan with fluid dynamic bearings, the bearings are able to provide stability and reduce vibrations to create an enjoyable low level of noise. Benefit from near-silent operation under low workloads owing to the AMP 1000W White's temperature-controlled Fan-less Hybrid mode.

With high-current terminals, long-term stability under heavy workloads, and premium-quality cables, the AMP 1000W White have been validated as compatible with Revolt Pro PSUs. Double a system’s power delivery by connecting to a Revolt Pro or X. The AMP 1000W white can also be used as a backup supply in case of a surge of power.

Complements White PC Builds

The Phanteks AMP 1000W White is fully modular and finished in Pure White with complimenting grey highlights, with matching all-white accompanying cables for a consistent sleek look. ATX in size, the AMP 1000W White measures in at ATX 150mm x 86mm x 140mm.

Pricing and Availability
The Phanteks AMP 1000W White is now available for pre-order at Overclockers UK for £134.99
(incl. VAT).

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