Phanteks Announce New Fans And TIM

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Recently cooling specialists [url=]Phanteks[/url] have been concentrating on their chassis releases, including the August launch on the Enthoo Evolv ITX Special Edition, but this week their taking some time away from the now comprehensive PC case range to announce three new and slightly more modest cooling products. Two new fans, the MP and SP Black Edition, focus on performance under specific limiting conditions, whilst the PH-NDC is a brand new thermal compound.

MP Series premium fans are designed to overcome the airflow restriction caused by high radiator fin density in liquid cooling setups, producing high static air pressure allowing for a direct and focused airflow. The new seven blade high pressure Maelstrom Vortex Booster (MVB) II blades are precisely angled to generate a silent and controlled airflow.

SP Series fans by contrast are nine-blade designs which ameliorate blade deflection and have low noise characteristics. They also feature Updraft Floating Balance (UFB) bearings which increase fan life expectancy and stability. They're also relatively affordable, making them ideal upgrade fans for PC chassis.

The new Black Edition fans change up the colouring from the standard editions in favour of an all-black look for those who prefer an understated case interior. This hasn't however changed the performance characteristics of either fan series.

Pricing and Warranty:

MP Black Edition:

PH-F120MP_BBK:- 14,90 / 12.99
PH-F140MP_BBK:- 16,90 / 14.99

SP Black Edition

PH-F120SP_BBK:- 11,90 / 9.99
PH-F140SP_BBK:- 14,90 / 12.99
PH-F200SP_BBK:- 16,90 / 14.99

5-year Warranty


Changing tack somewhat, Phanteks have also announced PH-NDC Thermal Compound. Described as "high purity nanostructured, diamond-like particle thermal paste", it's a non-conductive silicon-free TIM for any cooler that has zero burn-in time before reaching 100% effectiveness. PH-NDC Thermal Compound comes in pack of two applicators at an MSRP of 6,90 / 5.50, and has a 2-year warranty as standard.

For more information on all the new products, including technical specifications, visit

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