Phanteks Glacier One MPH Black Series Launched

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Press Release

Phanteks introduces the new Glacier One MPH Black All in One Coolers. Available in three models: 240 MPH, 280 MPH, and 360 MPH. The Glacier One MPH Series coolers are equipped with D-RGB Halos fan frames to provide the ultimate lighting experience in addition to fantastic cooling.

Improved Fans. Better Performance
The Phanteks Glacier One MPH feature an upgraded fan design that achieves a higher maximum RPM of 2000-2200, compared to the previous maximum of 2000 RPM. Designed purposefully for use with radiators and heatsinks, the MP PWM fans’ large surface area of the blades provides high static pressure to combat any resistance caused by a high-density fin stack. With aerodynamics in mind, the fans have been crafted to provide maximum cooling silently.

The MP PWM fans are made of glass fibre reinforced PBT plastic from the frame and blades with rubber dampeners and mesh fabric sleeved cable. Also following a Daisy-chain cable design, installation is trouble-free. And finally, one obvious difference between these and the previous model is the absence of RGB lighting.

The Ultimate Lighting Experience
Featuring two D-RGB Halos Fan Frames for the 240/280 MPH and three for the 360 MPH, they contain 30 high-density LEDs each creating evenly bright, effective lighting. The frames also feature a daisy-chain design allowing for Phanteks’ Digital-RGB products to fit together seamlessly, without the need for additional wires. Using the optional D-RGB motherboard adapter you can control the frames with a supported motherboard or simply connect to a D-RGB Phanteks chassis or controller for ultimate customisation.

Infinity Mirror Cap
Covering all mounting parts, the Glacier One MPH Infinity Mirror cap mounts magnetically to the pump module to create an orderly, overall modest appearance with the motherboard. Featuring a tempered glass window, the cap conjures an infinity mirror effect while diffusing the D-RGB lighting effects provided by the 14 D-RGB LEDs inside. Controlling the lighting echoes the Halos, connecting to Phanteks cases, controllers, or RGB motherboards.

Compatibility and Installation
The Glacier One MPH coolers are compatible with all common Intel and AMD Sockets. The thermal compound is pre-applied and the additional thermal compound is also supplied for re-installation in the future. To maximize RAM clearance, otary fittings are located close to the pump and the pump cap has been designed for a reduced height. Tubing is flexible with durable sleeving and three tube clips are also provided for an organized, straightforward installation.

Cooled by Asetek
The Glacier One MPH coolers feature Gen 7 Asetek pumps. Known for their experience and technical knowledge, Asetek guarantees reliable cooling performance. With incredible temperature sensing, the pump speed has the ability to automatically boost up to 3600 rpm when liquid temperatures reach above 60°C. Combined with a built-in safety curve to ensure the liquid temperature stays within 60° C for safe operation, the pump has been configured for acoustics and performance.

Pricing and Availability
The Phanteks Glacier One MPH Series all-in-one liquid coolers are now available for pre-order at Overclockers UK. See pricing below.
Phanteks Glacier One MPH 240: £134.99
Phanteks Glacier One MPH 280: £149.99
Phanteks Glacier One MPH 360: £179.99

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