Phanteks Introduce A Range Of PSU Accessories

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Now well established in the PC case and cooling market, Phanteks have set their sights on slightly more esoteric products, and in that vein are today announcing a new range of PSU accessories that are quite out of the ordinary.

The first set of new products are a series of Universal PSU Extension Cables, billed as compatible with all power supplies on the market rather than a subset of modular designs. These individually-sleeved cables are up to 500mm long, available in four different colour designs, and hook up to the terminating (male) ends of existing PSU cables in your system.

Unlike most extension cables on the market Phantek's solution offers 500mm of additional cable length, making them more suitable in elaborate system builds with extremely long distances between PSU and components. They're also designed to be more flexible than those currently available, which will certainly help in routing the cable.

The cable set is available with Black, White, Red or Black/Red sleeving and come in 4-Pin CPU, 6-Pin PCI-E, 8-Pin PCI-E, 8-Pin Motherboard and 24-Pin Motherboard SKUs. They currently have an (inc. VAT) MSRP from just £3.90 for the 4-Pin cable and up to £8.90 for the White 24-Pin cable.


Complementing the PSU extension cable release is an innovative new product Phanteks are calling the Power Splitter. Designed for those who run two systems within a single chassis and with a single PSU, the Power Splitter takes one PSU motherboard input and splits it two ways. It's been designed as a response to community feedback regarding their own Enthoo MiniXL, a chassis which is capable of accommodating mATX and mini-ITX motherboards in tandem but only one PSU. Its features include:

Patented Isolated Dual System Technology

Using the Power Splitter, users will be able to run two fully functional systems with only one power supply. Now you can have two individual systems in one case independently of one another.

Full Compatibility

The Power Splitter protects and controls the 12V/5V/3.3V/+5VSB circuit to the motherboard to ensure full compatibility to mITX, uATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards.

Anti-Noise Inrush Protection Circuit

Helps to protect and stabilize the voltage signal level and also enables the power supply’s various protection to prevent damage caused by inrush current surges.

Quick Release

The Power Splitter features quick release buttons that will allow for cables to be release with just a push of the button.

LED On/Off Indicator

When the power supply is connected to the Power Splitter and is “ON”, the Input LED indicator will light up to show that it is active. The Output LED indicator light will illuminate when its corresponding system is running. This feature helps determine if the unit is working properly and that all cables are connected correctly.

Compatible with Standard Extension Cables

The Power Splitter unit is compatible with Phanteks’ extension cables and all standard Motherboard extension cables on the market. (Extension cables not included)

Drop-N-Lock Compatible

The Power Splitter can be mounted to any case using the Hook and Loop and can also be mounted to the Enthoo Mini XL’s Drop-N-Lock mounting location.

The Power Splitter is capable of supplying a combined system power of 452W (excluding GPU power), and requires at minimum a 600W 80PLUS Bronze-rated PSU. Only motherboard/CPU power is handled so a PSU with sufficient PCI-Express power output (including connectors) for each GPU is still require.

Phanteks' Power Splitter will be available from most retailers in December with an MSRP of £24.90 (Inc. V.A.T.).

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