Phanteks Launches NV5 Chassis, NV5 DRGB Lighting Kit, and Premium GPU Bracket

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Press Release

Phanteks introduces three groundbreaking products for high-performance PC enthusiasts. The NV5 mid-tower chassis, NV5 Premium DRGB Kit, and Premium Vertical GPU Bracket combine innovative features, exceptional cooling capabilities, and striking design, delivering unparalleled performance and aesthetics to PC builds. The Phanteks NV5 is the smaller version of the Phanteks NV7 launched earlier this year. Like the bigger Phanteks NV7, the Phanteks NV5 comes in black and white versions and the Phanteks D30-120 fans.

Phanteks NV5 Mid-Tower Chassis: Unparalleled Cooling and Striking Design

The Phanteks NV5 mid-tower chassis offers superior cooling and visual appeal. Its near-seamless glass panels showcase hardware in style while supporting up to eight 120 mm fans and dual 360 radiators for optimal cooling. The chassis accommodates modern GPUs and cables effortlessly, with a removable PSU cover for easy cable management. Customizable integrated Digital-RGB lighting and optional Phanteks NV5 DRGB lighting Kit (sold separately) adds personalization to the build. The Phanteks NV5 DRGB lighting Kit also comes in black and white colours to match the chassis colour.

Phanteks NV5 DRGB Lighting Kit

Key Features
Near-seamless glass panels for a perfect view of all your system components.
Increased chassis width to support wider modern GPUs and 12VHPWR cables.
Ultra-fine performance mesh design for high airflow with good dust filtration.
A total of eight 120 mm fan positions for high-end cooling performance.
Removable PSU cover for easy access and installation.
Integrated Digital-RGB lighting with software-free controller.
GPU support bracket included.
Optional upgrade: NV5 Premium DRGB Kit available with a motherboard cover and additional DRGB lighting strips that can be installed magnetically to the frame of the case.

Premium Vertical GPU Bracket: Showcase Your Graphics Card with Style

Available in black and white colours, the Phanteks Premium GPU Bracket revolutionizes graphics card display, combining flexibility and style. Supporting vertical orientation and adjustable up to 30 degrees, it creates visually appealing displays from any angle. Furthermore, the bracket offers additional reinforcement for Nvidia GPUs featuring rear screw positions, and when placed vertically, it can be securely mounted onto the motherboard or the PSU cover of the Eclipse Series (G300A/G360A/G500A). The bracket’s D-RGB lighting enhances aesthetics, creating a visually stunning experience.

Phanteks continues to innovate, delivering premium products that elevate PC building. The NV5 Mid-Tower Chassis, NV5 DRGB Premium Lighting Kit, and Premium GPU Bracket offer unmatched performance, style, and customization options for PC enthusiasts.

Pricing and Availability
The new Phanteks NV5 chassis and optional accessories are now available on Overclockers UK, see pricing below.

Phanteks NV5 Mid-Tower Chassis - Black: €99.90 | $99.99
Phanteks NV5 Mid-Tower Chassis - White: €109.90 | $109.99
Phanteks NV5 DRGB Lighting Kit - Black | White: €69.90 | $69.99
Phanteks Premium GEN4 Vertical GPU Bracket - Black | White: €99.90 | $99.99

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