Philips & MMD Present The New 27" Moda Display With Ambiglow Plus Base

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Amsterdam, 29 October 2015 - MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces a new 27-inch display in the Moda design with Ambiglow Plus Base. The Ambiglow Plus technology creates a halo of light on and around the base that synchronises with the display image to create a more immersive viewing experience. The light is still available even when the display is off so users can adjust colour and brightness to create a unique room ambience. With AH-IPS widescreen visuals that are equally as stunning as the design, the display is the perfect way for people to add colour to their world.

Immersive lighting with Ambiglow Plus Base

The Ambiglow Plus Base creates mood lighting for every moment. Users can set colours to suit their preferences – energising blue in the daytime, for instance, a warm glow in the evening or a magical mood at night. And if users are spoilt for choice, they can simply let the display cycle through the colour spectrum. With the timer settings, the Ambiglow Base also turns on automatically in welcome or to wake up with and turns off automatically at night.

But Ambiglow Plus is way more than an elaborate lamp. Users can also choose to have colours synced with the display scene. Explaining the technology, Artem Khomenko, Product Manager Philips monitors EMEA at MMD says, “The fast processor in the Ambiglow Plus Base analyses the incoming image and adapts the colour and brightness of the light in an instant. The result is a more thrilling and intense viewing experience that moves colour and vibrancy beyond the screen itself.”

Award-winning design

The 27-inch Moda display with Ambiglow Plus base has been honoured with a 2015 Computex d&i award for its unique combination of design and user experience. Preferring understated elegance to attention-grabbing pizazz, the Moda design complements rather than dominates the living or working space. With its 360-degree wraparound design, the display looks good from all angles, on or off. The edge-to-edge infinity glass and narrow border – an ultra-slim 3.5 mm instead of the more standard 15 mm – create a seamless appearance and make for minimal distraction when viewing.

“The d&i award is a great accolade for the display,” continues Artem Khomenko. “To win one of these coveted awards, products have to meet tough criteria in innovation, creativity, workmanship and choice of materials, to name a few. We’re delighted that the new display gained such a positive verdict from judges.”

Picture performance for greater productivity

The stunning design is matched by outstanding screen performance. Full HD ensures razor sharp images, and AH-IPS LCD technology gives the display an ultra-wide viewing angle with high-contrast vibrant images even at the outer edges. With Flicker-Free technology, the display eliminates flicker effects: although often unnoticed, the negative impact of screen flicker builds up over time, causing eye fatigue and detracting from productivity or enjoyment. Flicker-Free technology keeps the display rock steady.

Easy to experience

The Ambiglow Plus Base includes an intuitive touch strip for selecting modes and colours with easy-to-remember tap and swipe gestures. The new display also features the established Philips Smart technologies for excellent picture performance: SmartContrast automatically adjusts colours and backlight intensity to enhance contrast in digital images and videos. There is even a special Economy mode for just-right display of everyday office applications and lower power consumption. SmartImage also automatically analyses what users are viewing, and offers a menu of options for selecting application-specific modes. And 5 ms SmartResponse automatically turbocharges the display’s response times for gaming or videos to eliminate judder, time-lag and ghost effects – for true-to-life visuals that are enhanced even more when the Ambiglow Plus Base colour-syncs with the screen.

The new Philips 275C5QHGSW/00 display will be available at the beginning of November at a RRP of £279.99.

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