Pioneer DJ DM Desktop Speaker Range Expanded To Include Bluetooth & 4-Inch Models

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Japanese audio specialists Pioneer are a brand with a looming presence in the industry and have been so for decades, particularly through professional, in-car and Home AV sound solutions. One market that they've typically eschewed however is home gaming, especially desktop PC gaming. Now, via their Pioneer DJ division, they're making greater strides to offer new options to this market through desktop monitor speakers with excellent sound fidelity and an unassuming but attractive exterior.

Pioneer DJ's purview is the development of world-class DJ equipment, and it's the brand umbrella for the DM Series of desktop monitor speaker systems. The DM-50D - a popular monitor speaker with 5" woofer released in late 2021 - is now set to be joined by the DM-50D-BT, a unit that integrates Bluetooth functionality into the robust design. Launching alongside the DM-50D-BT are the 4-inch DM-40D-BT and DM-40D, serving as an all-purpose upgrade to the older DM-40 model enjoyed by DJs, producers and lovers of all things audio.

As part of Pioneer DJ's product portfolio the manufacturers are keen to exploit their knowledge of consumer and prosumer speaker design. While easy to set up, tune and use, they also have designed the DM Series to be integrated into sound production thanks to company's affinity for DJ ecosystems. A flick of a switch changes the speakers from DJ mode to Production mode, automatically adjusting DSP settings so the ideal sound can be reproduced for any application.

Production adaptations got beyond that to include RCA and mini jack inputs on each of the models and a TRS input on both the DM-50D-BT and DM-50D. Headphone output and volume control is located conveniently on the front, and Bluetooth models will have hassle-free wireless functionality. RCA and mini jack inputs also make connecting from PCs and laptops trivial, helping you enjoy punchy and immersive game and music audio without the weight of a headset.

These new speakers arrive at a decidedly opportune time. This is the first summer in a couple of years that some music-lovers will be enjoying guilt-free with friends and family, and nothing adds spice to a party like high-quality speakers producing a rich and immersive soundscape. New hobbies - yes, including DJing - will be taken up for the first time by vast swathes of hobbyists now with a larger potential audience. And gaming - both PC and Console - is of course an ever growing sector in desperate need of new blood in desktop audio that isn't relegated to headphones and headsets.

Specifications (DB-50D):

Dimensions (W x H x D):
- Lch: 175 x 262 x 257 mm / 6.89 x 10.32 x 10.12
- Rch: 175 x 262 x 247 mm / 6.89 x 10.32 x 9.72

- Lch: 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs.
- Rch: 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs.

Power Supply:- AC 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz

Amplifier Output
- Lch: 25 W / 4 Ohms;
- Rch: 25 W / 4 Ohms;

Impedance:- 10 kOhms;
Enclosure:- Bass reflex
Enclosure material:- MDF vinyl laminate
Power Consumption:- 25 W
Power consumption during standby mode:- 0.3 W or less

- 1/4 TRS jack x 1 (balanced input) (DB-50D and DB-50D-BT only)
- RCA pin jack x 1 (unbalanced input)
- 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1 (unbalanced input)

Outputs:- 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1

The versatile DM-50D-BT and DM-40D speakers will be available from May 2022 with the DM-40D-BT becoming available in early June 2022. The DM-50D-BT will be priced at 229, the DM-40D-BT will cost 169 and the DM-40D will be 149 (inclusive of V.A.T.). All models come in a choice of a black or white finish to suite your personal aesthetic needs.

For more information on the DM Series, and an absolute plethora of DJing equipment to suite newcomers and professionals alike, go to

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