Plextor M9Pe Extreme Demonstrated at COMPUTEX 2018

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅05.06.2018 15:50:55

Plextor announces the M9Pe Extreme Ultra Hi-Speed NVMe solid-state drive delivering blistering speeds of up to 6,500MB/s sequential read and 5,000MB/s sequential write. The Plextor M9Pe Extreme features the most advanced technologies and innovation available today including the Marvell 88NR2241 Intelligent NVMe switch to deliver the highest performance possible for application-intensive users.

The Plextor M9Pe Extreme caters to the demanding needs of gamers and professionals such as video editors, animators, and other professional media content creators. The M9Pe Extreme doesn’t only offer enhanced data transmission performance, the M9Pe Extreme also supports RAID functionalities for greater performance improvements and data redundancy.

The key component to the performance breakthrough was brought by Plextor’s solid development capabilities along with the use of Marvell’s Intelligent NVMe switch and other industry-leading components. The combination of Plextor's latest improvements in multiple error-detection and firmware technologies comprehensively reinforces storage reliability, read/write quality, and long-term service life of its SSDs.

Nigel Alvares, vice president of SSD and Data Centre Storage Solutions at Marvell, said, “Marvell and LITE-ON have a longstanding relationship of SSD collaborations and we’re excited to expand it by enabling their innovative M9Pe Extreme SSD with our 88NR2241, the industry’s first NVMe switch. Our intelligent NVMe switch technology combined with Plextor's storage expertise delivers a ground-breaking solution to meet the increasing storage demands of emerging high-performance client and edge applications.”

The Plextor M9Pe Extreme NVMe solid-state drive can be found demonstrated at the COMPUTEX 2018.

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