PowerColor Launches Swappable Backplates for Red Devil RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅30.03.2023 17:11:20

PowerColor introduces the "Devil Skins", swappable backplates for the PowerColor Red Devil RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards. Currently available in two designs, the swappable backplates offer gamers an easy way to achieve a new look for their Red Devil Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics card. Priced at US$59.99, the Generative Swappable Backplate is made of plastic and aluminium with an etched metal mesh design. This backplate adds 13.46mm thickness to the Red Devil Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics card. The cheaper Intrusive Swappable Backplate priced at US$29.99 features an intake port design inspired by supercars. Both swappable backplates are now available at the PowerColor Online Store.

Press Release
PowerColor presents today Devil Skins - Swappable backplates for the latest AMD RX7900 Red Devil series. Devil Skins bring endless design possibilities with truly unique, easily swappable backplates that unlock imagination to match gamers’ design preferences.

Every gamer is different and PowerColor wants to empower every gamer to pursue and celebrate their own identities. Red Devil RX7900 series owners will be able to easily change their graphics card backplate design with Devil Skins; it’s as easy as placing the Devil Skin onto their existing backplates using conveniently placed magnets - it's that simple and will hold the Devil Skin securely in place.

Devil Skins are now available
Where initially only the gamers that purchased the RED DEVIL AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX Limited Edition had a Devil Skin, Lava, now PowerColor will be making available Generative and Intrusive Devil Skins for purchase, that will be compatible with all Red Devil 7900 series cards.

Intrusive Devil Skin
Intrusive Skin is an innovative design, shields and amours your card, offering a stylish and unobtrusive state-of-the art look. Upgrade now for the ultimate competitive edge!

Generative Devil Skin
This ground-breaking design absorbs every bit of energy around it, creating a sleek armor to shield you in style. Be bold with this unique mesh skin that breathes life into your Red Devil card like never before – Unleash your card’s devilish inner side today!

Availability and Pricing
Generative and Intrusive Devil Skins will be available for purchase at $59.99 USD and $29.99 USD respectively, at major eTailers as well at https://shop.powercolor.com/ for North America.

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