Presenting the MSI MS-C918 Industrial Lite Box PC for Modern Businesses

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Press Release

MSI IPC is proud to announce the launch new industrial lite box product, the MS-C918. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses with a focus on cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and portability.

The MSI MS-C918 is a palm-sized IPC featuring the Intel® Alder Lake-N N100 Processor, tailored for ultra power solutions. Key features include:

Compact Size: 80mm x 80mm x 36mm Palm-sized for easy handling and concealment behind monitors.
Display Capabilities: Dual independent displays via 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, up to 4K Resolution. Expand your workspace and unleash your creativity with dual displays, maximizing productivity.
HDMI CEC on/off Function: You can manage the device's display connection and power the system on or off using the HDMI CEC function with the display's (TV) remote control.
Storage Options: Comes with eMMC 128G storage and an SD slot for up to 2TB of external storage.
Connectivity: Includes WiFi 6E, BT 5.2, and 1 GbE LAN with RJ-45.
Support VESA Mount: With VESA standard design, it's easily transformed into a display in any workplace to increase flexibility.
Versatility: Ideal for applications in small office environments, digital signage, meeting systems and various other compact setups.

The MSI MS-C918 is meticulously designed for non-critical environments. This mid-term longevity support is ideal for businesses that require robust and dependable computing solutions without the need for extended industrial-grade lifespans.

Mid-term Longevity Support
Providing a service life of around three years, making them suitable for applications that do not demand the extended durability of high-end industrial-grade products. This mid-term support is perfect for businesses that anticipate regular updates or technology refresh cycles, ensuring that the devices remain relevant and efficient over their expected use period.

Designed for Non-critical Environments
These models are intended for non-critical settings such as indoor environments with controlled conditions (e.g., air-conditioned offices or retail spaces). They are not designed for harsh industrial environments, which allows for cost savings without sacrificing the necessary performance and reliability for their intended use cases.

Cost-effective Solutions
MS-C918 offers significant cost advantages over fully industrial-grade products. They are more affordable, making advanced computing technology accessible to small and medium-sized businesses that might find the cost of high-end industrial solutions prohibitive.

Performance and Reliability
Despite their cost-effectiveness, the MSI MS-C918 does not compromise performance. Equipped with the latest processors and connectivity options, ensuring they can handle a wide range of applications efficiently.

MSI did not reveal pricing. For more information, please visit the MSI website.

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