Q2 2014 Launch Date Expected For Haswell Refresh

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15.01.2014 13:33:47

Digitimes are reporting that Intel's anticipated refresh of the Haswell line of CPUs is set for May of this year, slightly ahead of previous expectations. The new CPUs - made possible by a more mature process leading to better yields and binning methods - will be comprised of 20 SKUs ranging from the i7-4790 at the top down to low-power and Celeron variants.

Exact details of the refresh aren't public knowledge but we should see an increase of a couple of multiplier bins at the top end. Complementing this release will be H97 and Z97 motherboards, with chipset shipping to board partners such as GIGABYTE beginning in April for a tandem release.

Unfortunately it looks likes those seeking something in the enthusiast overclocking bracket may need to wait a little while longer as unlocked K-series CPUs won't be available until the third quarter, coinciding with the expected release of Intel's Haswell-E server/workstation class model line. The latter should also be the first desktop platform to make use of DDR4 memory, shown off at CES last week.

Source: Digitimes

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