QNAP Officially Releases Upgraded QTS 4.3.4

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅26.12.2017 19:47:54
Press Release

QNAP Systems officially release the latest version of the QTS Software. QTS 4.3.4, the latest version, focuses on the essence of storage that empowers the QNAP NAS systems with improved performance, better security, and multifunctional capabilities. QTS 4.3.4 also features a new and easier-to-use interface. It also comes with the new Storage & Snapshots Manager that emphasizes the importance of snapshot protection and storage management. QTS 4.3.4 will also feature an improved File Station along with GPU empowerment for QTS and virtualization.

Watch the QTS 4.3.4 Overview Video below:

QTS 4.3.4 Key Features

Storage & Snapshots Manager App: Gives importance to storage management and snapshot protection with a more comprehensive and intuitive UI design. Precisely record snapshots along with all its versions.
Snapshots for ARM-based NAS: Block-based snapshots provide a fast and easy data backup and recovery solution to protect from data loss and potential malware attacks.
Snapshot Shared Folder: Contains only one shared folder on a single volume to reduce the time of recovering single folders to within a few seconds.
Global SSD acceleration technology: Shares a single SSD volume/RAID with all volumes/iSCSI LUNs for a read-only or read-write cache to flexibly balance efficiency and capacity needs.
RAID 50/60: Helps strike a balance between capacity, protection, and performance for high-capacity NAS with over 10 disk bays.
Intelligent Qtier 2.0 auto-tiering: Qtier can be configured at any time; adds IO Aware capabilities for SSD tiered storage to keep a cache-like reserved space to handle burst I/O in real time.
GPU-accelerated Computing: Graphics cards can help improve the image processing efficiency of QTS. Connect QNAP device via HDMI port on the graphics card for displaying HD Station or Linux Station; GPU Passthrough strengthens the abilities of virtual machines in Virtualization Station.
Greater Multimedia Experience: With QTS 4.3.4, QNAP NAS devices now support 360-degree photos and videos. Media streaming to VLC Player will now be available. Streaming to all connected devices via HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, DLNA, Apple TV, and Chromecast will also be available.

For more information on the new QTS 4.3.4 and the list of supported QNAP NAS devices, visit the QNAP website.

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