Qualcomm Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Apple

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Qualcomm goes head to head with Apple as the company files complaint against Apple citing unlawful importation and sale of iPhones that Qualcomm claims to have infringed one or more of six Qualcomm patented technologies. Qualcomm is requesting the United States International Trade Commission to investigate the said iPhones. Qualcomm is requesting ICT to issue a Limited Exclusion Order that will halt importation of iPhones in the United States.

Qualcomm’s Executive Vice President, Don Rosenberg, released a statement regarding the patent infringement claims.

“Qualcomm’s inventions are at the heart of every iPhone and extend well beyond modem technologies or cellular standards. The patents we are asserting represent six important technologies, out of a portfolio of thousands, and each is vital to iPhone functions. Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology while refusing to pay for it. These lawsuits seek to stop Apple’s infringement of six of our patented technologies.”

Qualcomm lists six patents below that the company claims Apple infringed with the iPhones to incorporate similar smartphone features. The six asserted patents enumerated below are not essential to practice any standards in a mobile device or subject to a commitment to offer to license such patents.

US Patent No. 8,698,558
Extends battery life by building intelligence into the system so the antenna is always using just the right amount of battery power to transmit, whether it be video, text, or voice. (Issued 2014)

US Patent No. 8,838,949
Enables “flashless boot” which allows your smartphone to connect to the internet quickly after being powered on, while extending battery life and reducing memory size. (Issued 2014)

US Patent No. 8,633,936
Enables high performance and rich visual graphics for games while increasing a mobile device’s battery life. (Issued 2014)

US Patent No. 9,535,490
Enables the applications on your smartphone to get their data to and from the internet quickly and efficiently by acting as a smart “traffic cop” between the apps processor and the modem. (Issued 2017)

US Patent No. 9,608,675
Enables a mobile device to send high speed data such as live video from your phone by combining many lanes of traffic into a data super-highway while prolonging battery life. (Issued 2017)

US Patent No. 8,487,658
Maximizes smartphone performance while extending battery life by connecting high voltage circuits and low voltage circuits with efficient interfaces. (Issued 2013)

The complaint seeks damages and injunctive relief. Qualcomm expects that the ITC investigation will commence in August and that the case will be tried next year.

Qualcomm Apple Complaint with the U.S. ITC
Qualcomm Apple Complaint with the U.S. District Court

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