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Stockholm October 7, 2014 - World renowned eSports and gaming gear company QPAD widens their product range with a brand new keyboard: the QPAD MK-70. Although sharing some common features with previous QPAD keyboards, the board still fills an important gap in the entry level segment of mechanical keyboards. MK-70 is an upgraded MK-50 featuring backlight and Cherry MX switches, no more no less. Just the most essential features that gamers are looking for. A high quality mechanical keyboard with backlight. With this launch QPAD attempts a break at the so sought after “Best bang for the buck” awards around the world.

QPAD has made quite a name for themselves over the years, as provider of topnotch gaming gear, used by eSport athletes, hard core gamers and demanding enthusiasts. Their new keyboard, the QPAD MK-70 is designed to give gamers what they value most. High quality gaming gear for an attractive price, including all the qualities customers expect from any QPAD product, such as superior build quality, unsurpassed durability, LED backlight and a well thought out design and keyboard layout.

The MK-70 offers the most essential: A no nonsense mechanical keyboard with backlight and Cherry MX switch technology.

Breaks new ground

MK-70 breaks new ground in its own right. Finally you can get a backlit mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches at an affordable price. The MK-70 is essentially a stripped down MK-85. Without the programmable keys or extra audio and USB ports, the board still offers the same outstanding performance and feel of a top of the line mechanical keyboard, but with an affordable price tag!

Although old news for existing QPAD customers, some common features of all the QPAD keyboards still deserve to be mentioned, such as mechanical key switches built to last 50 million strokes, plug and play, full N-key roll over, gold plated connectors and media keys for easy control of playback, pause, skip track etc.

Following the blockbusting success with the award winning MK-50, 80 and 85, competition in the upper segments of gaming gear increases with the birth of this new member of the QPAD keyboard family. Not only do they offer versatility and choice regarding the personal preferences of switches, but also broadens the assortment offered by QPAD. For the picky gamer that wants extra everything, the MK-85 is the natural choice. The MK-70 on the other hand, offers a backlit keyboard with supreme build quality and durability, along with unmatched control and feel at a very competitive price.

Cherry MX mechanical switches

QPAD has decided to use the Cherry MX Red switches for MK-70. It operates with an actuation point of 2mm and requires a pressure of 45g for the key to register a stroke, which will facilitate precision and control in games that require multi-tapping. The Cherry MX Red switches are not tactile and do not offer any audible feedback. Some gamers prefer audible and tactile feedback, and some prefer none. The important thing here is that QPAD now offers a backlit keyboard for both groups.

Overall, this high end keyboard carries the potential to set a new standard in the entry level of premium mechanical keyboards.

QPAD MK-70 Features:

Key switch: Cherry MX red mechanical switch technology

N Key Rollover: Yes via PS/2 adapter

Key strokes: 50 million

Lightning: Individual LED backlight

Lightning features: Four levels of brightness

Connectors: Gold plated USB connector (USB to PS/2 adaptor included)

Media keys: Media keys for volume control, play, pause and skip tracks

Cable: 1.8 meter braided cable

Dimensions: Keyboard 44.8 x 15 x 3.5 cm (17.6 x 5.9 x 1.37 inch)

Weight: 1.4 kg (3.08LBS)

QPAD will present the MK-70 to fans, gamers, the industry, and the world, for the very first time 7 October.

Availability: End of October 2014, MSRP €99

For more information on the MK-70 and other high-quality gaming peripherals visit http://qpad.com/.

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