Quantum Break File Size Revealed

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Quantum Break was recently announced to be releasing in early April for both PC and Xbox One. Remedy Entertainment has decided to partner with Microsoft and the game will release on the Microsoft Store. Quantum Break will be the first DirectX 12 only title, and those who plan to play the game on PC will need some killer graphics cards.

The release for Quantum Break is rumored to be April 5th but has been confirmed for April 4th. At first it was suspected for Quantum Break to only have an Xbox One release, but the Brazilian Advisory Board for the rating of video games accidentally leaked the rating. The rating was shortly removed from the website after becoming public, but now a PC release has been confirmed by a minimum and recommended PC system requirements list, which is posted below.

As leaked on the Xbox Store the Quantum Break store page leaked the size of the game, and it weighs in at 44.09GB. This applies to the Xbox one version of the game. Though the PC version is rumored to be even bigger due to its native 4K resolutions. So make sure you clean up some space for this title.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break was first scheduled for a release in 2014, but has been delayed multiple times. According publisher Microsoft the game was recently delayed due to a clash with other Xbox One exclusives releasing late 2015. Remedy’s Sam Lake, has assured fans that the extra development time on the game, will be used to further polish the game.
“We’re really proud to be part of the incredible Xbox One line-up,” said Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy. “We thank our fans for their patience, and want them to know that the team is taking advantage of this opportunity to polish and fine tune the game to create the kind of standout entertainment experience they’ve come to expect from us.”

Quantum Break is set for a release on April 5 on PC and Xbox One. The game will support cross-buy and play between both platforms.


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