Quantum Break PC Release Date - 980 Ti Or A Fury X Recommended

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The release for Quantum Break is rumored to be April 5th. At first it was suspected for Quantum Break to only have an Xbox One release, but the Brazilian Advisory Board for the rating of video games accidentally leaked the rating. The rating was shortly removed from the website after becoming public, but now a PC release has been confirmed by a minimum and recommended PC system requirements list, which is posted below.

GameStar, a German website has reported that the PC version of Quantum Break will be released alongside Xbox One on April 5th. The website claims that they have received news on the PC version of the game straight from Remedy during a preview event. As Remedy and Microsoft have yet to share more on the matter, we’ll have to wait and see.

According to GameStar Quantum Break will also be pre-orderable with bonuses. All those pre-order the game will also get another game from Remedy, Alan Wake, complete with the American Nightmare add-on. Like for the PC version of Quantum Break, the Xbox One version pre-order has yet to be confirmed.

Quantum Break is being acclaimed to be one of the best games releasing this year. The game is set at Riverport University, a fictional university located in the Northeastern United States, where a time travel experiment has gone terribly wrong. The failed experiment grants main characters Jack Joyce and Paul Serene time based abilities which will be quite helpful during the course of the game.

April 5th is the expected release date for PC and Xbox One so stay tuned.

SOURCE: GameStar

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