"Order Of 10" - NVIDIA's Pascal Launch Teased Ahead Of Friday Announcement

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.05.2016 17:00:45

NVIDIA have big plan's for Friday, big enough that they want hardware enthusiasts with a penchant for a puzzle to sit up and take notice. Rumours have been bubbling for a few days after press kits were sent to selected media, but today the hype train cranked up a gear with public knowledge of OrderOf10.com, a site showing an intriguing polygonal puzzle.

The puzzle has now largely been solved, gradually revealing clickable segments within that referenced famous figures in science and technology such as Kepler and Leibniz. The final stage is that fancy countdown which ends at 10am PDT on Friday 6th May (6pm UK time), and will no doubt reveal detailed plans for Pascal series GPUs.

The meaning of Order Of 10 is obvious - NVIDIA's first generation Pascal consumer graphics cards will be branded under the 10-series following the Maxwell-based 900-series, i.e. the GTX 1080, GTX 1070 etc. It's likely that major reveal of the 10-series will take place on Friday, perhaps in advance of the Battlefield 5 launch event at 1pm PDT the same day. There has already been speculation that there will be some form of tie-in with DICE's upcoming FPS game, perhaps in the form of NVIDIA-exclusive GameWorks technology, but that remains speculation.

Conventional wisdom, such as it is, currently holds that any launch this Friday will be a strictly paper launch; actual retail stock would not be available until June. That would be an uncommon measure for NVIDIA to take, as they tend to prefer announcement and availability to occur synonymously.

Whatever the case, keep your eyes glued to OrderOf10.com and stay in the loop.

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