Raijintek Intros Massive Enyo Open-Frame Chassis

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.12.2018 16:12:48

Raijintek officially releases the Enyo Open-Frame chassis with a massive interior supporting up to EE-ATX motherboards, up to four 480mm radiators with 5 radiator mounts, and up to 23 cooling fans. The Raijintek Enyo also supports multi-GPU configurations of up to four graphics cards of up to 615mm in length. The Enyo also supports two ATX power supplies and dual pumps for an expansive custom water-cooling setup. The Enyo is specially designed for hardcore enthusiasts and builders giving them plenty of hardware support for the most powerful gaming PC they will ever build.

Expansive Hardware Support

The Raijintek Enyo supports up to four 480mm radiators with a maximum thickness of 65mm and a single 360mm radiator. The chassis supports up to four long graphics cards and motherboards from mini-ITX to EE-ATX. It supports up to two water cooling pumps to create a powerful multi-radiator water cooling system. The case also has fan mounts to accommodate up to 23 cooling fans supporting both 120mm and 140mm fan form factors. Lastly, the Raijintek Enyo support up to two power supplies to power everything effectively.

Premium-Grade Materials

The Raijintek Enyo is built for hardware enthusiasts and builders with its premium-grade construction which includes 3mm aluminium plates and 2mm solid steel panels for its main structure. The chassis also comes with 4mm tempered glass panels with the front panel sporting a laser engraved Raijintek logo.

Raijintek didn’t release information on pricing and availability of the Enyo chassis. Learn more about the Raijintek Enyo Open-Frame Chassis here.

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