RAVEN RV05B To Arrive In July

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅18.06.2014 21:15:40


Wednesday 18th June 2014 - SilverStone Technology Co. Ltd - The RAVEN RV05, the fifth edition in the exciting RAVEN enthusiasts chassis series continues the tradition of breaking and evolving the standards of desktop PC design. With a bold move that sees the removal of all 5.25 drive bays, the RAVEN team engineers again saw the opportunity to re-utilize the 90 degree rotated design. Previous RAVEN models with 90 degree layout often had to compromise on space efficiency due to fixed length of the motherboard in rotated orientation. The elimination of 5.25 bays solves this issue naturally and enables RV05 to be even more balanced in terms of design than if the same were done to a traditionally-layout case. With most of the wasted space eliminated from RV05, engineers were thus able to better optimize the case for the most important performance-affecting components such as CPU and GPUs.

The result is an expertly-engineered ATX chassis that is just as capable in terms of compute power and heat dissipation as the first RAVEN chassis, the RV01, but in half the size. Equipped with latest revision Air Penetrator fans that include three speed switches and modern touches such as externally removable filters and tool-less panels, the RV05 has everything that PC enthusiasts could wish for in a compact, high performance computer case that is not only cool and quiet, but also easy to build and maintain.

For those not wanting to constantly step up in case size to obtain top-level performance, the RAVEN RV05 is the perfect solution and it may also represent a glimpse into the future of mainstream enthusiasts PC design.

Special Features:

* Signature RAVEN styling touches Revolutionary 90 degree motherboard mounting from RAVEN RV01
* Breakthrough 5.25 inch bay-free design for unprecedented power to size ratio
* Two Air Penetrator fans included for great performance and quietness
* Positive air pressure design for excellent cooling/quietness and dust-prevention
* Quick-release latch for fast side panel removal
* Front access to main filter for easy maintenance
* Support for various liquid cooling radiator sizes

You can find further information here: http://www.silverstonetek.com/raven/products/index.php?model=RV05&area=en

The recommended End User price (excl. VAT): $118.23 (USD)
The RV05B-W will be available on July 3.