Ray Tracing and DLSS Coming to Justice Chinese MMORPG Game

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.11.2018 23:59:51

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announces Ray Tracing and DLSS enhancements to popular Chinese MMO game Justice at GTC China 2018. Justice would be the second game available that adapted real-time ray tracking after Battlefield V. Justice will simultaneously support ray tracing and DLSS to deliver superior gaming visuals. NVIDIA RTX ray-traced reflections in the game will include weapons, armours, puddles, rivers, objects, and others game elements that aim to offer lifelike reflective properties.



Justice is also the first game in the world to feature real-time ray-traced caustic effects. Caustics are light rays re-focused or scattered after hitting reflective or refractive surfaces, which in turn create a new light source that can illuminate the surroundings and cast shadows. This ensures that caustic effects react appropriately to objects, changing scenery and lighting conditions, and even wakes of boats. In Justice, DLSS accelerates performance by up to 40%, giving GeForce RTX GPUs up to 90% faster performance compared to previous-generation GeForce GPUs. Image quality will also be clearer and sharper compared to previous-generation GeForce graphics.

NVIDIA reports there are already more than 24 games that have committed in adding DLSS support for enhanced gaming visuals, this includes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Hitman 2 and others. Learn more about other games that adopt Ray Tracing and DLSS here.

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