Razer Intros Respawn Mental Performance Drink for Gamers

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.06.2019 08:03:24

Razer introduces Respawn an all-new mental performance drink mix for gamers. Respawn was developed over years of feedback and inputs from professional esports athletes and gaming influencers which aims to enhance mental performance for intensive gaming sessions. The Razer Respawn mental performance drink helps to maintain high levels of focus and attention. RESPAWN performance drink is now available in the United States in four unique and sugar-free flavours: Pomegranate Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple, and Green Apple.

RESPAWN by Razer

RESPAWN is a standalone spin-off from Razer, with a dedicated corporate entity and team focused on bringing mental performance to the gamers out there. The ultimate goal for RESPAWN was then aimed at making a beverage to deliver alertness and focus without the drawbacks of high contents of sugar or taurine which are commonly found in energy drinks available today. RESPAWN is designed with ingredients like green tea extract, choline, B vitamins, and 95mg of caffeine to help support increased focus, reaction time, and mental stamina.

Availability and Pricing
RESPAWN will be available beginning June 2019 in boxes containing 20 individual 0.22 oz (6.25g) single-serving sticks. A 20-stick RESPAWN box is sold for $24.99 USD for all flavour options. Razer also offers the RESPAWN Insulated Metal Shaker Cup for $29.99 USD. Also available in Starter Kits (Respawn Shaker + 1 box of 20 pcs RESPAWN sticks) for $54.98 USD. Learn more about Respawn mental performance drink at https://www.respawnbyrazer.com/

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