Razer Releases Cortex 9.0 With Free System Cleaner

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.07.2018 17:51:03

Razer Cortex is a ‘game booster’ software that unlocks your system’s full potential via optimizations and performance-enhancing tools to yield higher frames per second and increase load times. Razer just released Cortex v9.0 with improved game-boosting features which now includes a free System Cleaner for games. The System Cleaner assists in clearing junk, cache and installation files that will take up storage in your drives. The Razer Cortex 9.0 is now more powerful and efficient offering gamers a one-click solution to optimizing their gaming PC, boost performance and connect with their game library.

New Features

Free System Cleaner Optimized for Gamers
Razer Cortex 9.0 is now bundled with a System Cleaner that’s optimized for games. It locates and clears all kinds of unwanted data files that are considered junk including those left behind by game launchers such as Steam, GOG, Battle.net, and more for optimized PC gaming performance.

New CPU Core for Prioritizing Gaming
The newly added CPU core technology in Razer Cortex 9.0 ends not only non-essential processes but also allows the CPU to balance resources and maximize gaming FPS. Non-gaming processes are isolated in one core while the other cores are dedicated solely to gaming.

Instant Game Deals
Razer Cortex 9.0 is now faster and more responsive in catching discounts or deals on games that have been previously added to a wish list. The game price comparison engine in Razer Cortex 9.0 monitors every price drop across 15 supported platforms, so gamers can instantly find the best game deals.

The new and improved Razer Cortex 9.0 is now available for free. Simply download, install and run the application to optimize and boost your PC’s performance for gaming. For more details and to download Razer Cortex 9.0, visit https://www.razer.com/cortex

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