Razer Tease 'Biggest Unveiling' On November 1st

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅12.10.2017 14:26:27

Gaming brand behemoth and peripherals manufacturer Razer are up to something, and we know not what it is. A new teaser has appeared for what they've described as their "Biggest Unveiling...", but given the number of pies they have fingers in these days - from keyboards through to prototype concepts - it's anyone's guess what they have planned. However, that won't stop us from engaging in some good-natured speculation.

Perhaps the clearest hint is that teaser image (shown above). The gentleman is clearly holding some sort of black rectangle, which immediately puts us in mind of a handheld console similar to the Nintendo Switch, but the dimensions may be a little small for that. In fact, it seems roughly the size of a smartphone... interesting.

Earlier this year Razer bought Nextbit, creators of the crowdfunded Robin 'cloud smartphone'. The design offloaded unused data to the cloud, reducing on-board storage needs, and made use of a tweaked Android OS which interfaced with 100GB of cloud storage provided alongside the phone retail product. Following acquisition of Nextbit sale of the phone was quickly curtailed, strengthening rumours of an official Razer-branded design.

Also shown in the teaser image are discrete content windows for apps, games and media. In fairness this seems like an unrealistic representation for a smartphone display, but could represent what is possible when hooked up to an external display or projector. It's worth remembering that in July 2015 Razer picked up the assets of now defunct Ouya, which they might choose to leverage in this design.

Whatever the case, it's highly unlikely that Razer's next product won't have a heavy focus on gaming, given it's their bread and butter. It remains to be seen too if this is a retail design, or yet another prototype which never makes it into the hands of consumers.

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