Reminder: Epic's Livestream On The Future Of Unreal Tournament Today

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅08.05.2014 17:26:49

Unreal Tournament by Epic Games could perhaps be seen as a relic of games past. An Arena FPS built to be a pure multiplayer game, it gained widespread critical acclaim and spawned two sequels in the form of UT2003 and 2007. From these titles and their single-player counterparts Epic developed the Unreal Engine, a mainstay of game development now into its fourth iteration having supported the release of countless games.

Unfortunately in recent years Epic very publicly moved away from developing for the PC in favour of publishing games to consoles, most notably in the form of the Gears Of War franchise. Potentially down to renewed interest in the platform, and the fact that the Gears franchise is now owned by Microsoft, Epic finally appear to be coming back to the PC; Tim Sweeney in particular seemed enthusiastic during last years' NVIDIA Montreal event. Also last year Fortnite, a PC free to play co-op sandbox survival game, was announced but perhaps isn't quite the AAA title some are hoping for.

Thankfully Epic are due to announce their plans for the surprise return of Unreal Tournament. Paul Meegan, vice president of product development at Epic, tweeted the news of a press conference which was then confirmed by VP and Co-Founder Mark Rein; said conference will be in the form of a Twitch live-stream on at 7PM BST (2PM ET) today. It's not clear yet just what form the game will take, but a multiplatform release including PC would be highly unsurprising.

It's probably okay to be cautiously optimistic at this point, but we'll know more in a few hours.

Source: IGN

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