Reset - PC Exclusive Indie Game by Theory Interactive

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅27.04.2012 01:21:46

I really admire Indie developers. Many of the games they produce are unique, fun and cheap and often give AAA titles a run for their money in terms of production value and game play. This game looks to blur the lines between AAA and Indie (if the teaser trailer is anything to go on).

Who are Theory Interactive? They are a team of two men, yes only two; One armed with a pen and paper, the other with a keyboard and keyboard. They have developed their own technology called Praxis to make this game and if the screenshots and teaser trailer are in fact straight from the engine as stated than this looks to be one incredibly good looking game!

There is no word as to a release date just yet but the site is updated regularly so maybe we will know soon!

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