Retailer Jumps The Gun On AMD 50th Anniversary Promotion

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅29.04.2019 11:05:28

In two days AMD officially turns fifty, and the rumours were that new special edition CPUs and GPUs would be part of the anniversary celebrations. Thanks to an early and probably unintentional posting on Canadian retailer comprehensive details have been leaked of an accompanying AMD game bundle launch that's not limited to these brand new SKUs.

First up though is the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Gold Edition bundle, the special edition of AMD's top-end mainstream desktop CPU that features a heatspreader laser etched with AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su's signature. Also included is a AMD 50th Anniversary T-Shirt, sticker, and two free games: The Division 2 Gold Edition and World War Z. Nice little package there for dedicated AMD fans, even if the CPU itself is expected to conform to reference specs.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Gold Edition is a version of the game that rolls in the Year 1 Season Pass for even more content than the standard edition. Meanwhile, these copies of World War Z also bundle in a code for a special AMD50 weapon skin.

But that's not all. Turning50 bundles for a host of GPUs and CPUs will be available that offer both The Division 2 Gold Edition and World War Z with new purchases, either as part of a system or alone. And we're not talking just the top-end chips either; the promotion extends down to new Radeon RX 570 graphics cards and Ryzen 5 2400 G APUs, so there's something for almost everyone.

Digging into postscript also uncovers a graphics card named the Radeon VII Gold Edition. Less is known about this GPU than its CPU counterpart, and images of the Radeon VII shown are not out of the ordinary. Hopefully this edition will have a little more to show for itself than just a bit of fancy retail packaging.

We don't yet known when the promotion is set to go live, but it shouldn't be all that far away. Don't be surprised if it coincides with some cracking deals on CPUs and GPUs ahead of Computex.

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