Review Roundup

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20.10.2013 15:41:17

It's been a brisker than usual week here at Vortez, and so you may have missed one or more reviews of some great new products. As we're looking ahead to a new week with at least one major new product reveal we thought it best to give you the chance to catch up.


CM Storm Reaper - A new mouse from Cooler Master's gaming peripheral arm, it's the third member of their AL-Series which is also comprised of the Pulse-R Headset and MECH Keyboard. Well worth checking out if you're into personalising your peripherals with some easy to do modding.


Corsair Graphite 230T - This more affordable chassis - for Corsair that is - sitting at an MSRP of 65 is due out next month in the UK and quickly wooed David with its build quality. There's plenty to choose from around this price point, but as ever Corsair are impressing with their cases wherever in the market they sit.


ASUS Echelon - A striking new headset from ASUS, targeted primarily at FPS gamers. Tony felt it was excellent quality and great value, so well worth taking at look at his review.

Speedlink Jugger - A 2.1 Speaker system with desktop remote, the Jugger packs in decent audio at its 45 asking price.


Synology DS214 - Rarely unimpressed by Synologies SMB/SOHO Network Addressed Storage solutions, the new DS214 also comes with their DSM 4.3 update that provides enhanced support for TRIM, SSD caching and Trusted Domain functionality. Priced at an very reasonable 214, it's one to keep in mind if you need a high quality means of backing up your data on-site.


GIGABYTE Aivia Uranium - Going up well into the night on Thursday was our take on the wireless Uranium mouse. It's sure to divide opinion, so if nothing else read Tim's conclusion before buying one.


Mach Xtreme Technology 32GB MX-ES - Courtesy of OCUK comes the MX-ES, a USB thumb drive offering great read and write speeds at a capacity which rarely sees these speeds. That's thanks to the use of SLC NAND, bringing both excellent write endurance and exemplary write rates.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the week at Vortez and keep your eyes peeled next week, which promises to be very significant in defining the year to come.

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