ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Lights Your Way

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Hamburg, 13 September 2011 - ROCCAT ™ Studios, the young Hamburg-based manufacturer of gaming peripherals, released the ROCCAT ™ Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard in Germany for a suggested retail price of €79.99. By mid- to late September the Isku will be available all over Europe. The product of intensive research and extensive design studies, the Isku was built specifically to meet the demanding needs of today’s gamers. The result is a cutting-edge keyboard equipped with a multitude of advanced macro functions. Plus, the Isku is the world’s first keyboard to feature ROCCAT™ Talk and Easy-Shift[+]™ – exclusive technologies that can be combined to take advantage of exciting set bonus features.

The Isku’s 123, medium-height, standard layout keys provide optimum keystroke response and perfect pressure points. And with six adjustable brightness levels, gamers can always hit the right key -- even in the dark.


The Isku is the world’s only keyboard to feature groundbreaking Easy-Shift[+]™ technology, which offers 36 easily-customizable macros strategically positioned in three locations in the easyto-find WASD zone. This means gamers can enjoy twice the number of functions for keys in the zone and can issue orders quickly and easily without ever having to re-adjust the hand position. What’s more, setting macros with Easy-Shift[+]™ is as easy as typing an uppercase letter. The
Caps Lock key -- normally of no interest to any gamer – is the default Easy-Shift[+]™ key, but gamers can also use one of the M1-M5 macro keys, or one of the three Thumbster keys conveniently located below the spacebar. The 28 easy-to-reach macro keys offer up to 180 directly-executable functions. Favorite settings can be saved in five instantly-loadable profiles. Thanks to advanced anti-ghosting, multiple keys can be depressed simultaneously, while the 1000Hz polling rate ensures ultra-fast keyboard response without any lag.


New ROCCAT™ Talk technology allows the ROCCAT™ Kone[+] Max Customization Gaming Mouse and the Isku to communicate with each other – marking the first time that a mouse and keyboard can share information. Among other benefits, this new technology allows a single Easy- Shift[+]™ key or button to be used for both the mouse and keyboard – greatly simplifying macro use. A player can choose one of nine keys to use as the Easy-Shift[+]™ key. When a gamer activates the feature on the mouse via the keyboard, the mouse, as usual, gives visual feedback by lighting up. During play the mouse and keyboard communicate lag-free for rapid in-game response.

ROCCAT™ Talk© also allows for more effective use of special functions on the Kone[+] mouse. For example, for the first time ever a gamer can easily execute critical functions such as Easy-Aim by pressing a keyboard key – offering the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint accuracy in sniper mode. It’s even possible to set the Easy-Shift[+]™ key or button to remain active until toggled off. ROCCAT™ plans to release more exciting ROCCAT™ Talk© products in the future.


The integrated Macro Live! Recording button makes in-game macro recording simple. After pressing the Macro Live! Recording button, the new Sound Feedback feature guides the gamer through the macro recording process, step by step. Users can quickly and easily program up to 500 actions for each of the 36 macro settings. Gamers can also edit recorded macros out of game using the included Macro Manager software.


The Isku offers an Integrated Extra-Large Granular Wrist Rest, which allows for fast yet controlled movement and a secure and solid grip -- all thanks to its special surface texture. This makes it perfect for comfortable gaming, even during extended sessions. Plus, three freely-configurable Thumbster keys built into the wrist rest can be assigned individual functions -- letting gamers put their thumbs to optimum use.


ROCCAT™ has equipped the Isku with an intelligent illumination system offering six adjustable brightness levels -- so gamers can hit the right key in any lighting. The Light Timer function also lets gamers configure energy-saving settings -- and will even switch off the keyboard illumination after a user-determined amount of time if no keys are pressed.


The Isku features a row of eight fully-configurable media keys optimally positioned at the top of the keyboard -- for quick and easy access to 25 handy functions. It also features 12 programmable F-keys, for a full range of customization options.

Product Features:
* Blue key illumination with 6 brightness levels including off setting
* Easy-Shift[+]™ for simple key duplication and activation
* 3 Easy-Shift[+]™ zones featuring 28 easy-to-reach macro keys, including 5 doubly-programmable dedicated M-keys and 3 doubly-programmable Thumbster Keys
* Macro Live! recording button for in-game macro setting; 180+ macros in 5 profiles
* 8 media & hotkeys; 25+ assignable functions
* Medium-height keys; optimum keystroke; advanced anti-ghosting
* ROCCAT™ Driver & Macro Manager, incl. macro presets for games, multimedia & office apps
* Integrated Extra-Large Granulated Wrist Rest with optimized surface texture
* Cable channels for better device organization
* Non-slip base with lock-on keyboard feet
* Fast profile switching; 5 Profile-Status LEDs
* ROCCAT™ Talk©: Set Bonus by combining devices

The ROCCAT ™ Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is available now for a suggested retail price of €79.99 in Germany. By mid- to late September, the Isku will be available all over Europe. For more information on the Isku and other ROCCAT products visit
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