ROCCAT Kanga Mini and Kanga XXL Mousepads Now Available

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.11.2016 21:57:40

ROCCAT announces availability of the Kanga Mini and Kanga XXL Mousepads. The Kanga mousepad series is designed for high-performance gaming thanks to its durable and tested cloth built for precision engineered by the ROCCAT design team. The ROCCAT Kanga mousepad series is an excellent gaming surface of all genres of gaming. The ROCCAT Kanga is available in two sizes: the Kanga Mini with a measurement of 265mm x 210mm and the Kanga XXL with a measurement of 850mm x 330mm in size. The Kanga XXL is large enough to include coverage for your keyboard along with sufficient space for your mouse.

Key Features
Wear Tested
The ROCCAT Kanga’s quality is wear-tested by professionals over 80 mice tested and will compliment any kind of mouse in the market today.

Go With The Flow
Precision is ensured with exact x-y balance thanks to the mousepad’s optimized fiber surface quality. The Kanga provides split-second reaction time without mouse drag or slowdown.

Never Slip Grip
The ROCCAT Kanga mousepads has a rubberized backing that will ensure a firm hold on any surface despite intense gaming.

Comfortable Dimensions
The ROCCAT Kanga is available in two sizes, the 320 X 270mm, 265 X 210mm and 850 X 330mm pad size.

The Kanga Mini is now available for €6.99€ with the regular Kanga and Kanga XXL costing €9.99 and €19.99, respectively. Visit the ROCCAT website for more information on the ROCCAT Kanga mousepad series.

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