ROCCAT Launches Kone Ultra Coral Bloom Edition To Celebrate Cherry Blossom Festivities

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅17.03.2020 18:49:04
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ROCCAT launches the new ‘coral bloom’ edition of the ultra-light Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse with a pink colour to celebrate the Cherry Blossom festivals. The ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra was released in October 2019, an ultra-light gaming mouse weighing only 66 grams making it ROCCAT’s lightest high-end gaming featuring the Owl-Eye 16,000 DPI optical sensor. The ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Coral Bloom’s eye-catching colours feature a perfect Coral tone and vibrant neon details. The Kone Pure Ultra Coral Bloom mouse will be available for pre-orders in Asia, Japan, and Korea starting March 16, 2020, with an MSRP of $69.99.

ROCCAT Pure Kone Ultra

The ROCCAT Pure Kone Ultra is a revolutionary ultra-light PC gaming mouse featuring a strong full body covered with ROCCAT’s Evolutionary Performance Coating – a durable and fingerprint-resistant texture offering a perfect grip. The mouse features ROCCAT’s latest 16.000dpi Owl-Eye sensor, based on the PixArt 3389 sensor, for maximum accuracy and tracking capability. It also sports 100% pure PTFE mouse skates for a precise and smooth glide. The Pure Kone Ultra has a 1,000Hz polling rate and a 512kB onboard memory to save profiles and macros.

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The ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Coral Bloom is now available for pre-orders in Japan via Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

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