ROCCAT Magma Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard Unveiled

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.01.2023 23:33:08
Press Release

ROCCAT today unveiled the newest addition to its PC gaming keyboard lineup – the ROCCAT Magma Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard. The ROCCAT Magma Mini’s compact footprint is 60% the size of a full-size keyboard – perfect for PC gamers who need more room for large mouse movements, and its fully illuminated top plate has five programmable zones which showcase ROCCAT’s stunning AIMO RGB lighting. The ROCCAT Magma Mini features membrane switches with a midway actuation point, expanded key functionality with ROCCAT’s EasyShift[+] technology, and the latest IP33-rated resistance against water and dust.

ROCCAT Magma Mini Features
- Mini 60% form factor frees up space on your desktop
- 5-Zone AIMO RGB Lighting with translucent top plate
- Durable IP33 rating protects from accidental spills
- Quiet, fast, and responsive membrane keys
- Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator enables function layers
- Left side mounted cable
- Vibrant ROCCAT AIMO RGB Lighting
- 20KRO and & advanced anti-ghosting

ROCCAT’s Magma Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard is equipped with a translucent top plate with five programmable RGB zones and 10 LED backlights. With ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting, gamers can enjoy a vivid and immersive experience with 16.8 million RGB color options. Gamers can also sync the Magma Mini with other AIMO-enabled products in ROCCAT’s acclaimed PC peripherals range, including the Burst Pro mouse and Elo 7.1 Air or USB headset, to create a vibrant PC gaming battle station that can’t be overlooked.

The Magma Mini also features quiet and responsive membrane keys with a fast, midway actuation point for a highly satisfying keystroke. Advanced anti-ghosting technology ensures gamers can press up to 20 keys simultaneously when reacting in the heat of battle, and they’ll all register as intended, keeping PC gamers in control. Magma Mini is also equipped with ROCCAT’s acclaimed Easy-Shift[+] technology allowing gamers to assign a secondary function to their most-used keys, expanding the capability of each keystroke. The Magma Mini power cable connects on the left side of the keyboard, perfect for gamers who play with their keyboard tilted, as well as to not get in the way of larger mouse movements.

Availability and Pricing
The ROCCAT Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard is now available for pre-orders at for US$49.99.

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