ROCCAT Release Optical Sensor Variant For Kone XTD

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ROCCAT Studios once again takes premium quality peripherals to greater heights, with a take on their wildly popular Kone series for optical sensor aficionados. ROCCAT introduces the limited run Kone XTD Optical, a gaming mouse equipped with all of the exceptional qualities of the Kone XTD, with an ultra-precise, true 6,400 DPI Pro-Optic (R5) optical sensor. In addition, this rendition in the Kone family features ROCCAT's Adjustable Distance Control Unit (ADCU), for manually configurable lift control. The Kone XTD Optical is a finely crafted response to gamers with a preference for optical mice, and it is an instant classic.

The Kone XTD Optical comes with our patented Easy-Shift[+] technology, a blisteringly fast 32-bit Turbo Core V2 ARM MCU processor, 576kb of on-board memory for storage of macros and setting, brilliant custom lighting effects, 1 ms response time and a 1000Hz polling rate, all in the sleek but robust Kone XTD body.

"We wanted to make this a special gift to our fans," says Renι Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT Studios. "The Kone XTD Optical is a unique mouse with a lot under the hood, that maintains all of the expectations gamers that love ROCCAT products have come to expect from the Kone family of gaming mice. We're proud to bring it to gamers."

Technical Specifications

- Pro-Optic (R5) sensor with up to 6,400dpi
- 1000Hz polling rate
- 1ms response time
- 12500fps, 11.25 megapixel
- 50G acceleration
- 5.08m/s (150ips)

- 16-bit data channel
- 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
- 576kB onboard memory

- Adjustable angle snapping
- Adjustable lift-off distance
- 1.8m braided USB cable

Dimensions:- Max. length 13.5cm x approx. 7.8cm max. width. 4cm high.

Weight:- Approx. 123g (excl. cable) +4 optional weights in 5g, 10g, 15g or 20g

The Kone XTD Optical is available now in Europe and Asia and will retail for €89.99. The mouse will be available in the US by the end of August.


Editor's Note: Our review of the laser-type ROCCAT Kone XTD is available here.

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