ROCCAT’s Sick City Real-Time Tactical Combat Game

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅09.05.2017 17:56:26

ROCCAT invites gamers to join its first ever in-house Real Time Tactical Combat game titled “Sick City”. Sick City was created in the ROCCAT Games Studio and it features a very unique interpretation of action-based real-time tactical combat. The game was developed through the participation of the community of gamers with the developers of the game to produce a game the integrates player’s decisions that will determine the overall environment in the game including the maps, campaigns, game types and so on. Even for the future Sick City eSports, the environment are in the players’ hands. The game is a fully collaborative project between the players and developers given that ROCCAT aims to be the leader in collaborative development be it gaming peripherals or the games themselves.

Sick City Overview
Sick City takes you to a post-apocalyptic environment where there’s a struggle for survival and ultimate domination in the streets. Your faction will compete for control of Aimo, a crystalline energy source that fuels their campaigns for victory. Tactical building-to-building combat, up to 4v4 squad-based street fights and resource control all culminate in a single goal - bring the heat, and own the streets of Sick City.

Join the Closed Alpha Stage!
ROCCAT Games Studio is opening Sick City for a Closed Alpha stage starting this June 2017. Help the develops find and fix bugs as well as provide direct feedback to the developers for the improvement of the game. Every gamer has the opportunity to join Early Access that be the pioneers that will shape Sick City!

Visit the Sick City official website for more information and to sign up for Closed Alpha.