ROG OC Showdown Team Edition Starts This April!

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.04.2017 21:45:54

ASUS Republic of Gamers has been a world renowned brand for gaming hardware that doesn't only feature great gaming performance but also its great overclocking capabilities. With that, ASUS run overclocking competitions like the ROG OC Showdown Series and Extreme Series overclocking competitions that has been running for the three years. The overclocking event gather extreme cooling overclockers and overclocking enthusiasts all over the world to compete and show their overclocking mastery using ASUS ROG hardware. With ASUS offering a wide range of overclocking-ready hardware, ASUS ROG aims to bring out the best in the overclocking community with such overclocking competitions and prove the superior overlocking capabilities of ASUS ROG hardware.

ASUS ROG aims lead the online overclocking community with new competitions that will challenge both the veteran and novice overclockers around the world. Today, ASUS ROG introduces a new global online overclocking competition unlike ever before as ASUS launches the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition which will start this April 14th and runs until June 5th, 2017 on

The ROG OC Showdown Team Edition is a unique competition wherein it promotes the strength of a team and provide a different kind of fun as teams battle out and be the best. Anybody can enter the competition which is open to all novices and expert overclockers. ASUS ROG opens the competition to all kinds of cooling methodologies from air cooling to extreme cooling using liquid nitrogen and other methodologies in between. Each stage has its own unique set of rules as well as limitations to keep it fair and balance to all participants. Individual and team overclockers will compete and get rewarded from a total of US$5,000 prize pool.

How to Participate
If you are interested to join the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition, follow the steps below:
1. Create an account on HWBOT - learn how in this guide.
2. Join or create a team if you don't have one yet. The list of existing teams is available here.
Most of the teams on HWBOT are based on popular forums like,, and Cowcotland. If you're looking for one, we advise you to check with favorite forum first. Some overclockers might already be active, and they can provide useful advice on running benchmarks and competing as a team. The ROG forum has its own ASUS Republic of Gamers.
3. Discuss tactics and strategies with your teammates.
4. Run the benchmarks and submit your results. Learn how to submit results in this guide.

Five Stages of the Competition

There are five different stages and there are different set of rules and benchmarks per stage. See the summary of the stages below.


ASUS ROG partnered with different PC hardware brands gathering up to $5,000 worth of hardware for prizes. Sponsoring brands include G.SKILL, EK Water Blocks, Open BenchTable, Thermal Grizzly, and Seasonic. There will be prizes for individuals as top overclockers per stage and there will be prizes for the winning teams who gather the most points after all the five stages.

Visit the competition page at for more information about the stages, rules and prizes.