Samsung Announces Sixth-Generation 3D V-NAND SSDs

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Press Release

Samsung announces the start of its mass production of its 250GB SSD using the sixth-generation (1xx-layer) 256-gigabyte three-bit V-NAND for client computing. Samsung secures the industry’s highest performance, power efficiency and manufacturing productivity with the release by reducing the mass production cycle by four months. The new 100+ layer V-NAND-based SSDs offer superior speed and power efficiency compared to previous V-NAND-powered SSDs. Samsung also plans to offer high-speed, high-capacity SSDs and eUFS solutions based on the sixth-generation V-NAND chips.

Single-Stack 3D Memory Die with 100+ Layer Design

Samsung’s sixth-generation V-NAND features the industry’s fastest data transfer rate, capitalizing on the company’s distinct manufacturing edge that is taking 3D memory to new heights. The new V-NAND die adds around 40% more cells compared to the previous-generation 9X-layer design. This is achieved by building an electrically conductive mould stack comprised of 136 layers, then vertically piercing cylindrical holes from top to bottom, creating uniform 3D charge trap flash (CTF) cells.

Samsung used a speed-optimized circuit design for the sixth-generation V-NAND SSDs to achieve the fastest data transfer speed as well as reduce errors and read latencies. With speed-optimized design, the next-generation V-NAND solutions offer 10% improved performance and 15% reduced power consumption. Also, the number of channel holes needed for the 256Gb chip density has been decreased to 670 million from 930 million that reduces the chip size and process steps needed. This brings up to 20% improvement to Samsung’s manufacturing productivity delivering a win-win solution for consumers and manufacturer.

Following today’s introduction of the 250GB SSD, Samsung plans to offer 512Gb three-bit V-NAND SSD and eUFS in the second half of this year. The company also expects to expand production of higher-speed and greater-capacity sixth-generation V-NAND solutions at its Pyeongtaek (Korea) campus starting next year to better meet demand from global customers. Check out Samsung’s mass production timeline below.

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