Samsung Notebook 9 Series for 2017

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅13.02.2017 18:25:04

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 series for 2017 features improved convenience and streamlined experience that aims to deliver definitive mobility. The Samsung Notebook 9 Series this 2017 is incredibly lightweight weighing at just 1.8 pounds, the 13.3-inch Samsung Notebook 9 is deemed to be the lightest notebook offering in the market today.

Watch the Samsung Notebook 9 Series 2017 overview video below:

Lightweight, Versatile and Powerful

The Samsung Notebook 9 is very versatile having the USB Type-C port for charging which means you can charge the notebook using a power bank that provides power above 10 watts and also features Adaptive Fast Charge technology (AFC) so the notebook can be charged faster depending on the power source. The 13.3-inch Notebook 9 offers exceptional battery life of 7 hours and can fully charge under 80 minutes. A quick 20-minute charge offers more than 2 hours of battery life.

Aesthetics and Durability

For aesthetics, the Samsung Notebook 9 series is offered in several color options - Crush White, Violet Blue and Light Titan. The notebook features rounded and soft edges so if can easily be held or slip into a bag. While the Notebook 9 is certainly lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on durability thanks to Samsung’s newly developed magnesium compound creating a lightweight yet sturdy single-shell chassis. An electrochemical process wherein a thick crystalline oxide coating is applied to the chassis protects it from corrosion, damage and shocks.

Function and Productivity

The Samsung Notebook 9 Series offers PC and mobile technologies that aim to improve productivity such as the PC Message and PC Gallery software wherein users can manage smartphone content using the Notebook 9 with a simple synchronization between the two devices. Notebook 9 series also features a highly versatile fingerprint sensor that support for Windows Hello wherein users can conveniently and securely log in through the Notebook 9.

Visit the Samsung website to learn more about the Notebook 9 Series 2017.

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