Samsung Starts Production of 16-Gigabit GDDR6 and 8-Gigabyte HBM2

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Samsung starts its early production of its first batch of 16-Gigabit GDDR6 memory to be used in future graphics card models and other graphics processing hardware. Samsung aims to offer a more comprehensive graphics DRAM line-up for its partners with the highest densities and performance. With Samsung’s game-changing GDDR6, the brand aims to accommodate the demand for high-performance and advanced graphics memory.

Samsung GDDR6 Memory

Higher Density, Better Performance
Samsung presents the world’s first 16GB graphics DRAM with 1xnm process technology. It aims to address the demands for high-performance graphics and enhancing heavy graphics user experience.
Blazing Speed for Heavy Graphics
The new Samsung GDDR6 offers blazing speeds of up to 768GB/s of system memory performance, nearly twice as far as the previous generation graphics DRAM. This offers ultra-fast speeds for high-resolution content and graphics-intensive 3D gaming and applications.
Improved Power Efficiency
Along with improved performance and higher densities, Samsung GDDR6 consumes 13% less power at 1.35V than GDDR5’s 1.55V offering superb power efficiency.

Samsung 2nd-Generation 8GB HBM2

Earlier this month, Samsung also announces that it will start the mass production of its 2nd-generation 8-gigabyte (GB) High Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2) offering 2.4 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) data transfer speed per pin. Samsung’s new 8GB HBM2 delivers the highest level of DRAM performance, featuring a 2.4Gbps pin speed at 1.2V, which translates into a performance upgrade of nearly 50 percent per each package, compared to the company’s 1st-generation 8GB HBM2 package with its 1.6Gbps pin speed at 1.2V and 2.0Gbps at 1.35V. Compared to GDDR5, HBM2 consumes 20% less power at 1.3V. The Samsung HBM2 occupies 94% less space compared to GDDR5.

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