Schenker Presents XMG Pro Laptops Featuring NVIDIA 800M-Series Graphics

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CeBIT, Hannover – At CeBIT 2014 Schenker Technologies announced the next generation of their XMG Pro Gaming laptops. Including the XMG P304 - the world’s fastest 13” gaming laptop. Thanks to the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M, it has enough power to run popular titles like Battlefield 4 on the highest quality settings.

The 15” XMG P504 and 17” XMG P704 can be equipped with the brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M or GTX 880M cards. Schenker have improved the performance of the sound system and have refined the cooling system in order to create a smoother experience between normal office usage and high-end performance mode.

High-end gaming is serious business – in order to compete at the top level you need equipment of the highest reliability and power. The laptops feature Intel Quad Core processors and the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, enabling great performance.

All three models are equipped with matte Full-HD displays with high luminosity and rich contrast, alongside a full backlit keyboard. In addition to the standard USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports, the XMG P504 and XMG P704 also offer eSATA, DisplayPort and Firewire.

XMG P304 – the fastest gaming dwarf of the world

Building on the success of the XMG P303, Schenker Technologies presents the 13.3” XMG P304 featuring the very latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M with 1152 CUDA Cores, 4GB Video-RAM and a score of P5260 in 3dMark11. The GTX 860M is based on NVIDIA’s brand-new GM107 chip (codename “Maxwell”) and is renowned for its high energy efficiency. This makes it possible to run hugely demanding 3D applications in high quality without any overheating issues.The cooling system has been improved and optimised for seamless performance and low fan noise.

The XMG P304 offers an optional QHD+ display, this new screen supports a very high resolution of 3200x1800 pixels with crystal clear display. When running more demanding games you can downsize the resolution to 1600x900 without any interpolation, this greatly improves both the 3D performance and efficiency, thus enabling Battlefield 4 to run smoothly at 50-60fps on ultra-settings and maximum anti-aliasing.

The XMG P304 supports high-end CPU’s, including the Intel Core i7-4910MQ, it offers two mSATA slots with RAID 0/1 support and an additional 2.5” slot for HDD’s. It’s currently available with up to 1.5TB of storage. The chassis is robust, service-friendly and fingerprint-resistant and it impresses with a very modern stealth design without being too obtrusive. Thanks to NVIDIA Optimus the user gets up to 5 hours of battery time, making this high-end gaming laptop perfect for day-to-day mobile workloads.

XMG P504 – Top performance in the universal 15.6" form factor

The XMG P504 is a fantastic all-rounder. This high end machine houses, the Intel Extreme Mobile Processor Intel Core i7-4940XM with up to 4.00 Ghz (Turbo Boost) and the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M with 1536 CUDA cores, 8 GB graphical memory and a 3dMark11 score of 8212 points. This chassis has space for up to 32 GB RAM, SSD’s and HDD’s with a total capacity of up to 4.5 TB.

The cooling system of the XMG P504 has been improved and adapted to ensure it’s less noisy when running on low to medium load, making it perfect for the office environment. The improved sound system, offers crystal clear acoustics over its S/PDIF ports and a high volume and refined quality over the internal speakers.

In addition to the many connectivity options (eSATA, Firewire, DisplayPort, Ethernet and USB 3.0, among others) the XMG P504 can be ordered with a special High Gamut display which covers 95% of the RGB color space, making the XMG P504 a great solution for photography and media producers as well.

The robust and service-friendly chassis is topped off by a customisable multicolor backlit keyboard and touchpad.

XMG P704 – Get ready for the big screen

The XMG P704 Pro Gaming Laptop, is a super thin 17” gaming laptop. It offers stunning resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and sports the same technical features as the XMG P504. The sleek black aluminum chassis is robust and service-friendly, meaning all of its components are easy to access. Memory upgrades and fan cleaning are both hassle free processes and can be achieved without breaking any warranty seals. Like the XMG P504, the cooling system on P704 has been optimised to ensure the laptop can be run for extensive periods under maximum load without any performance drops. Both the XMG P504 and XMG P704 are very much able to run demanding CPU and GPU compiling and professional rendering without any compromises.

The XMG P504 and XMG P704 can be configured to include the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M rather than the GTX 880M. In benchmarks for the GTX 870M the card achieves a score of 7074 in 3dMark11, demonstrating a performance boost of about 40% compared to its predecessor card (GTX 770M, 5066 points in 3dMark11).

Pricing and Availability

All three laptops can be pre-ordered immediately on all mySN shops worldwide, including, and Please check your regions online shop for local prices. As with all XMG laptops, these machines are available with Windows 7 and 8.1 or without an operating system installed.

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