Scythe Confirms AM4 Compatibility and Releases AM4 Adapter

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Scythe confirms AMD Ryzen AM4 socket compatibility to some of its CPU coolers. Scythe offers a wide range of CPU coolers that are natively compatible with the AMD Ryzen processors. While other CPU coolers like the Scythe Mugen 5 can have AM4 support with the help of the AM4 mounting kit.

Scythe gives a list of their CPU coolers that are natively compatible with the AMD AM4 socket processors. These coolers use the original AMD retention module and can be easily installed in any AM4 socket motherboard. The following models are Ryzen CPU-ready:
Katana 4 (SCKTN-4000)
Katana 3 (SCKTN-3000A)
Kabuto 3 (SCKBT-3000)
Shuriken Rev. B (SCSK-1100)
Tatsumi A (SCTTM-1000A)
Byakko (SCBYK-1000)
Iori (SCIOR-1000)

As for the Scythe CPU coolers that are using the first generation HPMS Mounting System, users can avail for the AM4 Upgrade Kit for 3.99 including shipping. Simply contact and order directly from Scythe EU GmbH Support Team. The kits are expected to be sent out to users by March or April 2017.

The following Scythe CPU coolers below use the first generation HPMS mounting system which require the AM4 Upgrade Kit to be able to support the Ryzen AM4 socket processors.
Mugen 4 (SCMG-4000) / Mugen 4 PCGH (SCMG-4PCGH)
Kotetsu (SCKTT-1000)
Ninja 4 (SCNJ-4000)
Grand Kama Cross 3 (SCGKC-3000)
Fuma: (SCFM-1000)
Mugen Max (SCMGD-1000)
Ashura (SCASR-1000)

Requesting Free AM4 Upgrade Kits
Scythe EU GmbH offers the AM4 upgrade kit firstly for the Scythe Mugen 5 cooler, which is based on the latest HPMS II mounting system. In order to receive one of the free AM4 upgrade kits, users just need to contact the Scythe EU GmbH Support Team and to supply the invoice of the purchased Mugen 5 along with proof of purchase of an AM4 motherboard or the Ryzen CPU. The HPMS II AM4 upgrade kits are ready to be shipped starting today to customers from Europe. As for Scythe users in other regions, kindly contact the corresponding Scythe branch directly to get instructions on how to get the AM4 Upgrade Kit.

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