Scythe Launch Thermal Elixer G High-Performance TIM

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.12.2021 10:43:27

Cooling specialists Scythe are back in the news today thanks to the release of a new Thermal Grease/Thermal Interface Material for CPUs and GPUs. Thermal Elixer G is a non-corrosive TIM made from a 'unique formula' that contains Graphene and is engineered for high performance conventional overclocking of processors on air and water. It joins Scythe's comprehensive range of PC cooling products that includes both mainstream and enthusiast-level solutions for PCs.

Rather than being oriented towards the extremes, particularly sub-zero cooling for extreme overclocking, Thermal Elixer G's ideal operating envelope is from -20C to +120C. A stated viscosity of 600k cPs is that of a very thick paste (much more so than the commonly used 55K cPs Arctic MX-5) intended for long-term use while still being trivial to apply and clean off; Scythe mention 5-year effectiveness in situ in conjunction with a CPU and standard cooler.

Thermal conductivity results meanwhile, which should always be taken with a pinch of salt due to variations in in-house testing criteria, indicate that the Thermal Elixer G is a good - if not great - grease. 11 W/m-K exceeds that of many mainstream TIMs and will be more than sufficient for effective overclocking of today's processors, but will be outpaced by specialist materials designed for short-term overclocking projects at temperature extremes.


Model Number: SCTEG-1000

Thermal Conductivity : 11 W/m-K

Thermal Impedance : 0.01C -in/W

Viscosity : 600k Cps

Temperature : -20C / +120 C

Capacity : 3.5g

Content : 3.5g syringe, spatula, cleaning wipe

Scythe Thermal Elixer G is being sold in 3.5g tube packs with an MSRP of $15.00. More information can be found at

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