SD 8.0 Specifications Reach Up To 4GB/s with PCIe 4.0 Architecture

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.05.2020 10:50:41
Press Release

The SD Association announced today the SD 8.0 Specification for SD Express memory cards using the PCIe 4.0 specification delivering a maximum transfer rate of up to 4 gigabytes per second (GB/s). The full-sized SD Express cards will continue to use the NVMe Express (NVMe) upper layer protocol which enables advanced memory access mechanism. The SD 8.0 specification will also be maintaining backward compatibility with previous-generation SD specifications.

The SD Express 8.0 specification opens up new opportunities for devices with demanding storage performance needs such as 8K video capturing devices, 360° video recording, and other speed-hungry applications. SD 8.0 also aims to address the needs of the ever-evolving gaming systems, multi-channel IoT devices, and automotive applications. The SD Express with 8.0 specifications will be offered on SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC memory cards.

“SD Express’ use of even faster PCIe and NVMe architectures to deliver faster transfer speeds creates more opportunities for devices to use SD memory cards,” said Mats Larsson, Senior Market Analyst at Future source. “This combination of trusted and well-known technologies makes it easier for future product designs to leverage the benefits of removable storage in new ways.”

Learn more about the revised white paper on SD Express Cards with PCIe and NVMe Interfaces here.
Learn more about Bus Interface Speed Standards here.


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