Seagate Expand Ironwolf Pro NAS Drive Range With 20TB Units

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅02.12.2021 15:10:35

Professional and prosumer storage requirements are haven't dropped since the start of the global pandemic, in fact they've both in terms of capacity and performance as content creation-oriented businesses thrive. Backup and cloud storage for multi-user applications are have become solutions, but they require ever-more capacious HDDs to satisfy capacity needs. Today Seagate are adding to available storage options by introducing the IronWolf Pro 20TB HDD, a SATA mechanical drive that's 2TB bigger than the range's previous best.

Seagate IronWolf hard drives are purpose-built for NAS with enterprise-like performance, reliability and hardiness. To accomplish this IronWolf Pro HDDs are uniformly SATA III CMR drives operating at 7200 rpm with 256MB of cache to meet performance targets. Higher capacity models are pressurised with helium gas inside, reducing turbulence and drag as the platters spin.

The latest IronWolf drives come with three years of Rescue Data Recovery Services and IronWolf Health Management for drive health monitoring on enabled NAS providing further peace of mind long-term.

Although the 20TB IronWolf Pro model is not currently listed at UK retailers, the balance of the IronWolf range is available at major online outlets including, SCAN, Ebuyer, and CCL. We'd expect the newest model to appear at there soon priced northwards of 500.


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