Seagate Intros Nytro Flash Storage Line-Up

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅09.08.2017 21:54:52

Press Release

Seagate announces Nytro Flash Storage line up featuring the Nytro 5000 NVMe M.2 SSD and Nytro 3000 SAS SSD offering a new level of scalability and performance.

Nytro 5000 NVMe SSDs
The Nytro 5000 NVMe M.2 SSD is a cost-effective, lower-power technology ideal for the demands of today’s data centre environments with capacities up to 2TB! It boosts random write performance levels as high as 67,000 IOPS which is 200% compared to its predecessor.

- Industry-leading storage density of up to 1.92TB in ultra-small M.2 form factor
- 5× the bandwidth of SATA SSDs thanks to PCIe Gen3 ×4 interface with NVMe protocol
- Best-in-class performance per Watt of up to 35,000 IOPS/W enables more computing with less energy consumption
- Lower TCO with up to 67% less power usage than other NVMe SSDs
- Optimized for read intensive and mixed workloads
- Outstanding enterprise reliability and data integrity

Nytro 3000 SAS SSD
The Nytro 3000 SAS SSD features improved capacities and performance features along with a dual-port SAS interface to maintain data integrity in the event of an unexpected communication channel loss. The Nytro 3000 SAS SSD is offered in capacities of up to 15TB, 400% larger than its predecessor. It delivers up to 2,200 MB/s in sequential read performance through a 12 Gb/S SAS dual or wide port interface.

- Dual port 12Gb/s SAS interface for the highest level of enterprise reliability, availability and scalability
- Industry-leading storage density in a range of capacities up to 15TB, all in a 2.5-inch form factor
- Endurance options match the needs of a wide range of enterprise workloads
- Ultra-fast performance of up to 2100MB/s saturates both 12Gb/s links
- Enhanced enterprise reliability, data protection and security

The Nytro 5000 NVMe M.2 SSD and Nytro 3000 SAS SSD are demonstrated at booth #505 at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit.

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