Seagate Releases Massive 10TB Desktop Hard Drive

👤by Nick Congleton Comments 📅19.07.2016 20:13:21

Seagate announced the largest desktop hard drive on the market today. Its new BarraCuda Pro 10TB desktop drive delivers unprecedented capacity to the desktop market. The drive was designed to give desktop users nearly unlimited storage capacity while still occupying only one 3.5 inch drive bay. This actually makes a lot of sense. With desktop form factors shrinking and the emphasis on SSDs, most PC builders don’t want to have to plan around a huge array of 3.5” hard drives.

Seagate claims great performance from the drive. It spins at 7200 RPM and has a whopping 256MB of cache available.

Of course, a drive of this size comes with an equally substantial price tag of $535US. UK pricing hasn’t been announced, and the drive doesn’t appear to be available in the UK yet, but it can be expected to be similar. Oddly enough, the 10TB NAS drive that was announced alongside the BarraCuda as the IronWolf is also out in the US at a $435 price point. Why exactly a NAS drive is less expensive as its desktop counterpart is unclear, but it may be a more cost effective option for users seeking mass storage.

To ease reliability concerns with such a large drive, Seagate is offering a five year warranty with the BarraCuda 10TB. No warranty prevents data loss, but it’ s nice to know that Seagate stands behind such a high end product and will replace it if necessary.

The Seagate BarraCuda 10TB isn’t for everyone, but for people who need massive amounts of storage space, it presents a new option that saves on space.

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