Seasonic Introduces PRIME Ultra Series

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.11.2017 18:39:33

Seasonic introduces the PRIME Series last year which proved to be another award-winning power supply series. Seasonic aims to continue being the leader in quality world-class power supplies and improves its flagship series coming up with the new PRIME Ultra Series. Seasonic addresses the ever improving power efficiency of PC components today having less power consumption thus demanding lower wattage power supplies. With this, Seasonic introduces a new power variant, the PRIME Ultra 550W Platinum, and Gold units, offering high-end, high-efficiency, mid-range power supplies.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra Series Features

The Seasonic PRIME Ultra Series comes with a lot of improvements and additional accessories and tools to give users the best performance, ease of use and troubleshooting, hardware support and more.

PSU Tester – The Seasonic PRIME Ultra Series will come bundled with a PSU Tester so users can easily jumpstart the power supply. The PSU Tester will help users troubleshoot the power supply and other components.
SATA 3.3 Adapter – The PRIME Ultra Series will also be bundled with a SATA 3.3 Adapter to support the Power Disable feature of newer high-capacity hard drives available today.
180-Degree SATA Connectors – For flexible and easier installation, the PRIME Ultra Series sports new 180-degree SATA connectors.
Improved Cable Management - Inline capacitors on the cables are now removed which takes away from the bulk and improves cable management inside the system.
Ultra-quiet operation – thanks to the upgraded high-end capacitors and the quiet FDB fan driven by Seasonic’s Premium Hybrid Fan Control.
Low ripple noise and clean power output – due to high-end components
Compact size to fit smaller cases – 140 mm depth on the lower wattage Gold and Platinum units.

The PRIME Ultra Series also feature Seasonic’s 12 years warranty, brand’s commitment to superior quality and service. Check out the entire Seasonic PRIME Ultra Series power supplies featuring Titanium, Platinum and Gold rated variants at

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