Seasonic Introduces SYNCRO Q7 PC Chassis

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.11.2020 18:32:59

Seasonic introduces the state-of-the-art Seasonic SYNCRO Q7 Series PC chassis featuring an aluminium body, tempered glass side panel, and the Seasonic CONNECT power supply. The Seasonic CONNECT module functions as a cable management hub that offers a shorter route to the components with a more direct connection using short cables. The Seasonic CONNECT simplifies cable management and creates a clean and tidier interior.

The Seasonic SYNCRO Q704 model, the first chassis model under the Seasonic SYNCRO Series, comes with four pre-installed Nidec fans, makers of the popular Gentle Typhoon fans. The chassis can support a total of 8 120mm cooling fans as well as an assortment of liquid cooling solutions. The SYNCRO Q704 chassis also feature removable dust filters on top, front, and bottom for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Seasonic did not reveal information on the availability of the Seasonic SYNCRO Series as of this writing. The Seasonic Syncro Q704 with the 650W Seasonic CONNECT PSU has an MSRP of US$309. The chassis is also available without the Seasonic CONNECT for US$150, US190 for the chassis with pre-installed Nidec fans. Seasonic will also be offering the chassis with higher wattage PSU included in the future. Learn more about the Seasonic SYNCRO Q7 PC Chassis at

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