Seasonic Rolls Out OneSeasonic Naming Scheme For PSUs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅24.09.2019 01:08:17

Seasonic, a leading producer of power supplies for consumer desktop and enterprise-class systems, rolls out the OneSeasonic concept, a new naming scheme that aims to streamline the brandís product names for simplicity and easier recognition. This naming update will be rolled out gradually to all of Seasonicís active and existing power supply product lines to reflect the OneSeasonic naming concept in the coming months and year. The OneSeasonic naming concept has been already in effect with some of the recently released FOCUS Series power supply models. Hence, there are other models in the FOCUS Series that will be affected by the new naming scheme such as the FOCUS PLUS lineup, see example below.

The OneSeasonic product naming concept will be applied to all active product lines, Seasonic will be incorporating OneSeasonic concept to the PRIME Series as well after the complete transition for the FOCUS Series line. See the new PRIME Series name example below.

OneSeasonic Full Product Lineup after Transition

Some Seasonic FOCUS Series models available in partner resellers today should reflect the new OneSeasonic naming scheme along with the existing stock of the old models with the old naming scheme. The OneSeasonic concept will be rolled out to the majority of the PRIME Series models as of Q3 2019. To ensure the authenticity of your Seasonic power supply, have your power supply unit validated and registered at the Seasonic Product Registration. Learn more about the OneSeasonic concept here.

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