Seasonic’s New MagFlow 120mm Fan Wins at IF Design Award 2022

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Seasonic, a world-renowned manufacturer of power supply units, introduced the MagFlow 120mm PWM magnetic cooling fan late last month. Today, Seasonic is pleased to announce that the said fan is a winner in the recent IF Design Award 2022.

Excerpt from IF Design Award
The MagFlow Fan is a product of Sea Sonic’s never-ending strife to create high-quality products that enhance performance and improve user experience in a market where increased cooling capacity is required. By using magnets to daisy chain fans customers use fewer materials, time, and effort during installation. The aesthetic design of the fan goes hand in hand with the disappearance of cable clutter inside the case and integrated shock-absorbing pads protect against vibration and noise between the fan and the chassis. Intuitive installation, premium quality, recyclable materials, and a clean look make this product the winner of the iF Award.

1Seasonic MagFlow 120 Fan Installation

Learn more about the MagFlow 120 IF Design Award 2022 winner announcement here.

Seasonic MagFlow Fan

The Seasonic MagFlow Fan is a novel cooling product in terms of style and functional modularity. Perfectly positioned, built-in magnetic attachment points connect the sides easily, pin-to-pin with a snap. Hassle-free installation saves time and enhances the look of the PC by eliminating the need to run cables in between fans.

The advantage of Daisy-chaining several fans is that they hold sturdily together and require fewer screws to mount them securely to the case. This same solid inter-locking mechanism connects the only two braided cables necessary to transmit power and signal.

The high-quality feel of the MagFlow fan is achieved by using durable materials and fine aesthetic details. The cables on the back are hidden in an X-style support, while the Seasonic logo on the front harmonizes with the blue color strip on the inner side of the frame. The fan blade features an elegant brushed metallic center medallion with the brand logo.

Efficiency and noise are well-balanced by a special 9-blade fan buried into the FDB bearing to increase blade stability, reduce noise, and maximize airflow. Shock-absorbing rubber pads on all corners eliminate vibration between the case and the fans.

As of this writing, the MagFlow 120 fan is not yet listed on the Seasonic website

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