Sennheiser Presents GSA Mouse Pads

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Sennheiser, known for its high-quality audio products, presents the GSA mouse pad series that’s available in three different sizes. The Sennheiser GSA mouse pads feature a high-quality, low-friction fabric with a rubber mat bottom that gives it a firm hold on your desk and any surface. It offers smooth and precise mouse movements to deliver accurate positioning that makes it ideal for gaming. Accompany your Sennheiser-powered gaming headset with the GSA mouse pad for a complete gaming setup.

Sennheiser GSA Mouse Pad Features

Sleek functionality – elegant design and precise cursor movements
High-quality, low-friction material – the mouse glides smoothly and quickly without in-game jitters
Durable and resistant – withstands high stress from the skin, sweat, and friction

The Sennheiser GSA mouse pads are available in three different sizes - S (29 x 35 cm), L (40 x 47 cm), XL (32 x 92 cm). Pick a Sennheiser mouse pad that will fit your gaming style and gaming setup.

Pricing and Availability
Sennheiser GSA 13 (S): £ 22.99 incl. VAT - free shipping
Sennheiser GSA 15 (L): £ 26.99 incl. VAT - free shipping
Sennheiser GSA 17 (XL): £ 30.99 incl. VAT - free shipping

The Sennheiser GSA mouse pads are now available. Learn more about the Sennheiser GSA mouse pads here.

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